No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow… - Peach Pubs

No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow…

cheese1Each season our chefs devise the tastiest of dishes, using only the best ingredients that the current time of year brings. We always serve the good stuff, and in Spring that means the earliest and best English asparagus, Cornish free-range lamb, day-boat Brixham fish, Yorkshire rhubarb and superb farmhouse cheeses.

In search of the latest trends and inspiration, Corin, our Executive Head Chef and a couple of our ultimate chefs disappear on a day trip to London to see what else is out there, and with new ideas emerging every year from their trip, the job of our chefs is to discover how we bring these trends into our award-winning pubs.

But it’s not just about bringing the most exciting trends to our dishes, seasonality is something we’re extremely proud of, and Spring brings our chefs only the best new ingredients we can get. Then it’s down to them, with just a few simple tweaks to help them on their way. Every plate of food we serve should be honest, consistent, appealing and deliverable. There should always be something for everyone, and our dishes should be simple, but also amazing enough, that our guests can enjoy our dishes from a Monday lunch to a Saturday evening. Each dish should be perfectly balanced and stay true to our mission of serving honest, British pub food using only the best possible ingredients. Our menus should not be confused, and whilst we love to take inspiration from regions around the world, we never want a worldwide menu.


We’re pleased to say we that we put ‘Gastro’ into our pubs, with dishes cooked with care using superb ingredients and special suppliers adding uniqueness and intrigue to our menus. We continue to ensure we are only using quality ingredients from the best suppliers, and we don’t like cost-saving or cutting corners. We review each supplier, and constantly ensure they offer the best on the market. Jude’s ice cream recently topped our leaderboard in every single flavour in one of our blind tastings, and that can only mean it’s the very best ice cream to be serving our guests.

With the change in season, it’s time to enjoy our chefs creations, dishes they’re proud of. We’d love to hear what you think of our new Spring menus, so be sure to pop into one of our pubs from 2nd March and feedback what you think. Whether it’s The High Field in Birmingham, The Fishes in Oxford, or The Richard Onslow in Surrey, we’re always listening.