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Make your life Peachy in 2019

Why Peach Pubs could be the perfect fresh start for your career in 2019

As the New Year approaches, it’s  the perfect time to reflect on what you achieved throughout the last 12  months, and think about making the big decision as to whether it’s now the right time to move on. Whether you’re looking for a step up your career ladder, a new challenge or just a change of scenery, we’re always on the lookout for passionate people to join our teams. (And who can resist never working Christmas Day again!)

We made some amazing changes in 2018, increasing our salaries (and not just in line with the Living Wage), but taking an honest look at the hours our teams were working and making sure those that wanted to work less hours could. We work hard to make our team feel just as much at home as our guests and our bonuses are realistic, achievable and ensure everyone’s winning – both the individuals and the pubs.

Career progression is key to retention, and we’re proud to boast that we Grow Our Own – 70% of all our Head Chefs and 65% of our General Managers joined us at a more junior level. 60% of our Deputies have been promoted from within as well as 35% of our Sous Chefs. 2018 brought 8 more Ultimate Head Chefs and General Managers to the table – exceptional people within Peach that help recruit and work closely with Chris, our Ops Director on larger projects to ensure we’re always improving as a company and continue to be a great place to work.

We’re proud of the number of females in the company too, with 50% of our General Managers being female. Earlier in this year we published information on the Gender Pay Gap, which showed a gap of 3.7% vs the UK average of 18.4%. We continue to focus on attracting and employing team based on skill and personality – not gender. We currently have a 50-50 split on our board of Directors, and you’ll also find a female working in most of our kitchens, one taking the lead as Head Chef at The Fishes. Our whole sector needs to focus on employing and promoting more women in chef and senior executive roles and we’d like to beat the industry in these areas.

We don’t strive for Michelin stars, but we do want to serve the best Sunday roast in town, be your favourite place to drink and to be training the next incredible chef. We strive to be recognised for what we do, to feature in things like the Observer Food Monthly Awards and take the crown for Britain’s Best Brigade. Be awarded in our local towns; winning Best Pub in Warwick, Best Customer Service in Kenilworth and Best Gastropub in the Midlands, and to have our team recognised as rising stars. In this, we’ve been amazingly successful, having eight rising star Acorn Awards with James Durrant, Head Chef at The Thatch, taking one in 2018.

But by far, we’re proudest to have gone straight in as 45th Best Company to Work For in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2017, moving up to 43rd in 2018. To achieve this because of what our team says about us ,is outstanding. Next challenge – Top 10 please! It will take time, but we’re determined.

If you’re eager, we’re willing. 2018 saw 900 individual training moments, over 85 sessions. From John Adair Leadership Days to Inspiration Days in the capital, supplier education trips and talks, Chef Days, Peach Leaders Days, Train the Trainer, Heroes and Masters – just to name a few. We give our teams the tools they need to not only help them in their job but help them develop personally too.

There’s also our legendary annual Peachfest Party and Summer House 2018 took us to Barcelona! Roll on 2019!

We truly believe we can offer any passionate, dedicated Caterer an extraordinary opportunity, regardless of level. If you’re a Chef wanting to get creative and write menus and specials, a Manager wanting to exceed and be the best of the best, or anyone just starting out in hospitality,  get in touch. You can meet Natalie, our Recruitment Manager to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve this year and she’ll give you an honest, realistic overview of what life with Peach could look like.

We want you to come with an open mind, looking forward to learning loads, whilst working at a fast pace, alongside people who could end up being your lifelong friends, and even partners in business (or life!).

Please email with you CV or questions, and let’s get a date in soon!