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Make the perfect hamper this Christmas.

It’s always the thought that counts and if it’s homemade you can feel particularly smug, you’ve nailed the thoughtful factor. The beauty of making it yourself is you can choose how luxurious you want to make it, and if you save a few pennies in the process, who’s complaining?

Here are our top tips to hamper success…

Style it out

Cellophane, gives a beautiful and polished look to your handmade hamper. If you want a really professional finish, use a hair dryer to blow-dry the shrink-wrap, top to bottom. Once your cellophane is taut, tie a ribbon around the middle for that finishing touch.

Wicker baskets can be found in most garden centres. It’s also worth scouring the charity shops for that little Christmas bargain. If luck isn’t on your side, then a pretty plate will do the trick. hamper

Finally, give it some body. Crepe paper or shredded paper work well as hamper lining and give it a splash of colour.

Fill it with treats

Who doesn’t love cheese? If you are filling it up with their favourite; don’t forget to add some homemade accompaniments. Fig chutney, orange and beetroot relish or even onion. Try one of each? Sea salt biscuits or water biscuits, we’re sure they’ll be a hit! Add a bottle of wine and you’ve just made Christmas!

For the sweet tooth, fill it with chocolate treats! Who can be mad at you after a chocolate truffle or a good old fashioned bar of dairy milk? Add a hot chocolate kit to warm their cockles.


For a festive tipple, a good bottle of wine in a Christmas hamper is compulsory. Have you thought about mixing it up and add some mulling syrup for cider or wine? A bottle of champagne? It’s a celebration after all. If you really want to impress add some Limoncello.


A hamper for children isn’t your average hamper, but who wants to be average? Trust me, your kids will thank you. Fill it with their favourite sweets, biscuits and pop. Add a puzzle, and you’ll have some much-needed quiet to finish off the dinner.

The perfect Christmas hamper! Even if you’ve left it to the last minute, you’ve got this Christmas covered.

Joyeux Noel!