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Look after yourself ❤️

Even on the days when you wake up with your positive pants on, don’t underestimate what you’re going through at the moment, be gentle with yourself. We’ve been chatting to the team and here are their top tips for getting through, those inevitable, down days.

Call a loved one – chat through how you feel with someone you trust. We bet it’ll cheer you both up.

Write a list – nothing beats the triumph of ticking off a list.

Look after your gut – if you’re stressed or anxious your gut may slow down or speed up. For healthy digestion eat plenty of fibre, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. Start the day right with a balanced breakfast, setting you up for the day.

Rest is important – there are going to be days when the only answer is a cup of tea, a blanket and your favourite film.

Put your favourite music on and have a kitchen disco – dance those troubles away!

Plan ahead – having events in the diary for the Summer will give you something to day dream about. Pimms anyone?

We’d love to hear your top tips for looking after yourself, send them our way at marketing@peachpubs.com