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Gin’ll fix it..

Our new Drinks List launched last month, adding new cocktails, an English sparkling wine and two new gins.


We’ve been a fan of gin for some time, and have seen a huge growth in the last 12 months. So our gin collection has been growing to match and we now serve a range of twelve gins. Knowing your Juniper Berries from your Cucumber Garnish is now just as important as knowing your Merlot from your Rioja.

With World Gin Day last week, we thought we’d offer a guide for anyone in a foggy haze on which to choose…


There’s gin. Then there’s Beefeater. Born and bred in London, over 150 years ago, this fine London Dry is the perfect house pour and cocktail barman’s favourite. Clean with bold Juniper flavours, making a fabulous, easy-drinking G&T.


Distilled in miniscule batches, this popular gin infused with Rose Petals and Cucumber gives a perfect balance of subtle flavours. Enjoyed best as a grand, packed full of ice with slivers of Cucumber!


These London boys led the new wave of English craft gins and after two years of lobbying, managed to change the law on the quantity of gin allowed to be produced, paving the way for fellow gin distilleries. Dry, spicy, and full of character this is smooth and warming, with ten carefully selected botanicals from around the globe.

gin 2Tanqueray 10

Super premium with botanicals of fresh Grapefruit, Lime and Chamomile, this is smooth and full-bodied and makes for a perfect martini. Tanq 10 has also won numerous awards including best white spirit three times in a row at the acclaimed San Francisco World Spirits Awards.


Serving the nation since 1793, this gin uses soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol, resulting in a smooth, slightly sweet taste with a long and fresh finish. Garnished with Lemon.


This London-based Gin is distilled with Junipers, Blackberries, Blueberries, Liquorice, Orange Peel and Almonds. The berry taste is intense, making this a hit for those who prefer a slightly sweeter drink. We’ve been making some seriously good Brambles with this gin, but it can also be enjoyed over ice with a good splash of tonic.

Beefeater 24

A London Dry, using the recognizable  Beefeater botanicals, blended with Chinese Green and rare Japanese Sencha teas for a more glamorous, sophisticated gin. Incredibly smooth and effortless alone with tonic, or mixed as a cocktail.

Whitley Neill

Inspired by Africa, you’ll find dryness from Angelica Root, sweetness from Florentine Iris and warmth from Cassia Bark in this slightly spiced, aromatic handcrafted gin. Whitley Neill really delivers an incomparable flavour, garnished simply with Orange and Fentimans tonic.

Peach Pubs Summer Drinks ListGin Mare

This Spanish gin pushes the boundaries of what gin tastes like, with an unusual botanical makeup including Rosemary, Thyme, Olive and Basil. Herbaceous, savoury and unique, this is so smooth it can even be enjoyed neat. We prefer it with tons of ice, tonic and a Rosemary sprig!

Gin Lane, Victoria Pink Gin

Infused with herbs & spiced bitters, this is a true expression of a London Dry. A superbly aromatic gin full of Juniper and spice, with citrus notes. We serve it paired with a wedge of Pink Grapefruit, as Charles Maxwell, the 8th generation distiller, recommends.