Exciting times for Lianne over in Salford

It’s been an exciting time for general manager Lianne Sargent and her team. The Swan at Salford has a stunning new look and menu and faces old and new have been popping in to see the changes and enjoy plenty of the good stuff!

Here’s a bit more about Lianne…

How do you feel about the new-look pub?

I love it!!  I was lucky enough to get to work with our interiors team and give my suggestions about what would and wouldn’t work for the pub.  I was here every day during the refurb and seeing it take shape was lovely.  I also gave guests little updates and sneak peaks on our social media (@theswansalford and @salfordswan) as things progressed.

What impact have the changes had?

We’re super busy and guests have been loving the new dishes and style of menu.  Things are slightly more casual now.  We still have amazing dinner dishes but we added stone-baked pizzas and pastas to the menu which have been going down brilliantly.  Inside and out, the pub is really looking the best it’s ever been!

What’s your favourite feature of the pub?

I love the back bar. It’s something that I helped design and is much more of a usable space now. The sleek combination of metal and glass inspired me in my own home!

What should we have from the new menu?

They’re all good but the Chicken Milanese is one of my go-to dishes. Crispy breaded chicken with garlic, sage and lemon.  Skinny fries or a green salad if you’re being healthy!  Otherwise, pizzas are really popular with everyone, as are the sweetcorn and halloumi fritters with guacamole and tomato salsa.  Ideal as a starter or lunch instead of sandwiches. Drinks-wise a Mojito in the summer or a Raspberry Collins with vodka instead of gin. Espresso Martini to end the night always.

 What’s the best bit about your job?

Eating!! Ha, no, I love a full pub on a Saturday night, celebrations and people having a great time is what it’s all about. Food and drink is simply something that brings people together, and I really love that.

How did you get into this industry?

It runs in my veins!  I worked for my parents as a glass collector when I was very young and although I briefly flirted with the idea of being a lawyer or interior designer, I stuck with what I knew.  Organising people to come together and eat something delicious, wherever that may be, is what I love. Give me a glass of wine and a big bowl of pasta and I’m a very happy lady!

What would your three Dessert Island Dishes be?

Jerk chicken, rice and peas, a Sunday lunch of roast beef, braised red cabbage, carrot and swede smash, roast potatoes and  Yorkshire pudding and a proper Italian tiramisu.

Whether it’s a cracking Sunday roast or a seasonal dish made with the good stuff pop in and see Lianne soon.

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