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Ethically-sourced Coffee from Union Hand-Roasted

We believe in serving the good stuff, from the meat on your plate, the wine in your glass to the coffee in your cup.

We’ve worked with great suppliers from the very start, building strong relationships along the way. We believe Union not only create great coffee but their ethics are best in class.

Pubs make great coffee shops if the quality of the coffee and the training is right. We train our team to be baristas by day, and bartenders by night. Union Hand-Roasted have been our coffee supplier since the beginning, and their speciality coffee is second to none, sourced from farmers they believe in.

Why Union?

  • The Compañero blend is ethically-sourced from co-operatives of smallholder farmers in Chirino, Peru and Hondura
  • The coffee is roasted in small batches to bring out the best flavour
  • Not only do Union pay a fair price for the coffee they source, they support with training to increase quality, and income for the farmers

What makes the Compañero blend so special?

  • Compañero (means partner) – Union work with a number of partners to produce this delicious, rich blend.

The coffees are roasted in small batches to create a sweet and balanced espresso with a gentle acidity upfront reminiscent of red apple, leading to intense and dominant dark chocolate notes and a treacle sweetness which lend depth and complexity to the cup.

Like wine, coffee has wide ranging taste notes, influenced by coffee varietal, soil, growing altitude, processing method and roasting.

Enjoy our Compañero blend in the pub today, knowing that you’re doing your bit to Make Life Peachy.

If you’re interested in reading more about their great work, follow this link.