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Designing our pubs sustainably

At Peach, we are always keen to share stories of sustainability from our amazing food and drink suppliers, but away from the dinner table, there’s plenty of good stuff to talk about too. Designing our pubs to create a Peachy environment, considering our impact on the planet and seeking out environmentally-friendly choices. Here are some examples of our journey, and some of the superb suppliers we’ve used along the way.

Re-use & Rejuventate

One of our Bigger Peach Promises is to continue to look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. One of the ways we do this in in the furniture choices we make. We work with our trusted furniture supplier to provide quality chairs and tables, all from FSC certified timber. And when the fabrics get a little worn down with use, but the sturdy frame of has plenty to give, rather than replace, we always reupholster to give it a new lease of life.

We also enjoy rejuvenating artwork. Designing our pubs so they stand the test of time, creating spaces that do not fall foul of design trends which will quickly date. In doing so, we invest in some beautiful timeless artwork, and it’s amazing to see what a new mount and frame can do, to transform a piece of art. Doing so, helps ur move artwork between pubs when we refurb, finding them a new home on a new wall soon.

Recycled Plastic Textiles

Weaver Green is a supplier we have happily used for years, they create beautiful textiles made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. When we were planning our reopening to be outside only, we knew their blankets and cushions would be just what we need to keep our guests cosy and warm.

The Devonshire based company have spent years refining their processes to turn hard plastic into lovely yarn that provides all the softness of wool. From touching their cushions and blankets you would never guess the plastic origins, their environmentally-friendly rugs look and feel just like wool, but contain up to 3000 salvaged plastic bottles each.

Hand-printed Wallpapers & Fabrics

Rapture and Wright are a favourite of ours due to their beautifully designed fabrics and wallpapers. You’ll find their colourful patterns in a number of our pubs; from headboard upholstery in our pub rooms to wallpaper in the ladies’ loos. They have sustainability at the core of what they do, and believe the hand of the maker shouldn’t leave an impact on the environment. One of the most inspiring things they’ve done is in their innovative “living ponds” – built at their Cotswolds Studio; these water beds break down the print waste and make it harmless to the environment. This is real innovation, tackling one of the biggest problems of the print industry: water wastage. High five to them!

Sea Plastic Chairs

A recent project at The One Elm, saw us open up their historic barn to create an extra drinking and dining space. Here we were excited to use the DuraOcean chair, the world’s first commercially available chair made from ocean plastic waste, such as fishing nets and debris collected from the oceans. The chairs have a very environmentally-friendly origin, and also a positive future – the entire chair can be disassembled and recycled once again at the end of its lifecycle. They are very comfy to sit on too!

Natural Quality Soap

Last year we removed all single use plastic soap and lotion bottles from our pubs and bedrooms, and replaced them with sustainable, refillable aluminium bottles. At the same time we swapped the product inside to Scottish Fine Soaps, a family-owned business creating products which use quality, naturally derived ingredients and contain no Parabens or Microbeads. With their focus on natural ingredients, they are mindful of their processes and the environmental impacts. One of our favourites is the Sea Kelp scent, and Scottish Fine Soaps harvest all their seaweed ethically, always ensuring they preserve the resource and do not weaken the environment.

So next time you visit us, be proud of the interiors, as well as the good stuff on your plates and in your drinks too!