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Doing our bit for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

14440754_1163848747016056_4152732573514567564_nLast Friday morning was unusually busy for The Almanack and The Richard Onslow. Both pubs were joined by our friends from Union Hand-Roasted, and they opened the doors to bakers and coffee connoisseurs alike, for Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

14462759_1163848753682722_4997093058033445763_nUnion offered cupping sessions of their varieties, starting with advice on how to smell, followed by a tasting on each of their range. We made our way through four different coffees, varying in strength and aroma, and learnt everything we needed to know from the experts on hand.

And of course there was was cake, lots of cake! The guys in the kitchen couldn’t quite let go (of course), and came in extra early to finish off their creations. With flap-jacks, cupcakes, fruit cakes, chocolate cakes and many more, there was enough to go into afternoon tea!

14485085_1163848657016065_2617804699262871345_nEveryone had their favourite – even the non coffee drinkers in the group enjoyed the milder tea-like offering. It was a great way to start of the weekend, and raise a bit of cash for a good cause.

We held coffee mornings at five of our pubs in total – The Richard Onslow, The Almanack, Brookmans, The White Horse and the High Field in conjunction with Sana Vita Health, raising a total of £1170 across the group!