Bigger Peach Promise 7 - We support our community and charity - Peach Pubs

Bigger Peach Promise 7 – We support our community and charity

Our pubs are at the centre of their communities, and we actively encourage our team to be involved in the community, donating to local projects, offering our spaces to community groups and and engaging in charity work.

Each year the Bigger Peach Team choose key areas to focus. Over the years we endeavour to make things happen with a key charity in each area. From supporting homelessness in December, via charities such as Shelter and The Trusell Trust and in Africa in particular, our chosen project is the Enonkishu conservancy which Hamish helped found, in the Mara, Kenya. Throughout 2020, we also donated over £3,000 to help fellow colleagues in our industry, through the great work Hospitality Action achieve, as well as feeding those most in need in our local communities. During lockdown and beyond we supported over 21 charities, with regular food donations. Our team of volunteers supported with cooking and delivering in their Towns, getting food to those who otherwise may have gone without. From pumpkin soup to butternut squash pasta, and hot meals direct to needy, as well as sacks of fresh fruit and veg as we closed our doors for another lockdown. Over the years, we have contributed £100,000s in cash and time.

We’ve also been keen supporters of local charity raffle donations, resulting in £22,000 of donations in 2019 – from Buck’s Fizz breakfasts to three course meals and bottles of wine. We also sponsor local youth football and rugby clubs where we can, to help support sports in our Towns.

Our pubs are special places and in each community we will continue to support all sorts of formal and informal charitable work. What’s special about pubs is they are the centre of the community, and if we look after them right, they support us too.


If you’re a charity who needs our help, contact us –