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Bigger Peach Promise 1 – We are a Peachy place to work, learn and grow 

Peach was founded with 7 Values at its core, which is something we are proudly loud about. Beyond the Values, we also have 5 Leadership Habits we expect our leaders to work by and be held accountable for by their teams: Everyone Counts – Trust – Getting Things Done – Character – Excellent Execution.

Together, our Values and Leadership Habits provide the foundation of Peach being a Peachy Place to Work, Learn and Grow.

What this means to us

  • Understanding and genuinely valuing our teams, providing opportunities to develop and grow.
  • Looking after our teams’ wellbeing.
  • Being an equal opportunities employer.
  • Striving to place within the top 10 of The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For.
  • Living our Values and celebrating success together.

It is a constant journey, and 20 years on, we strive to learn how we can continue to say with confidence that we are a good company to work for.

Having won industry awards for Employer of the Year 10 years running, in 2017 we set off on the ultimate challenge: to get Peach recognised as one of The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in the UK. 4 years later, we have made the list every year and, at the time of writing, we are going through the final stages in the hope we make it onto the list once again. This challenging award surveys our team, and each year we react and improve. The survey covers 8 factors including topics like Leadership, Personal Growth and Wellbeing.

In recent years, employee wellbeing has become one of the most highly sought-after benefits people look at when applying to a new Company, with some studies ranking it higher than pay – especially in hospitality. We are proud members of the Hospitality Action Employee Assistance Program who provide so many services to our team (health, finance and family) and we are beginning to run Mental Heath First Aid courses for our teams, too. We have the Peach Hardship Support fund where team who are struggling financially can request help.

This year (2021), we launched a new online platform called Planet Peach, which as the name suggests has everything “Peach” on there, including e-learning, team appraisals and Skills Lists. This platform, alongside in-pub training and classic classroom training, helps us learn more about our teams whilst giving them the space and opportunity to share their thoughts with us, be it about work or a personal goal that we may be able to help them achieve. We like to grow our own, and we are happy to report that 50% of our current General Managers were promoted into their role, with some of them originally joining Peach as T-Team and progressing through the ranks.

Afterall, the best moments in Peach are when we see team members grow and succeed, be it in Peach or pastures new, taking skills and experiences learned at Peach with them.

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought the best out of all of us at Peach. We stuck together as a team. We aimed to ensure as many team as possible retained their roles, and supported them all through the Lockdown periods. We looked after each other and our communities, be it through our social enterprise, Yourhub, or individually.

We are highly aware that we must be responsive to what our team want from their employer and careers. Peach has always been about more than making profit. Any good employer must accept that their teams as humans who are juggling life, more so now than ever after COVID-19. Having an open door policy, listening to our teams and taking on their feedback is key to building confidence amongst the teams and making sure our leaders are approachable beings.

Peach is a family. At our core is our care for each other, and that we enjoy each other’s company. In 20 years, we are as proud of the growth we all have made together, as we are the millions of great meals and drinks we have served. It’s fantastic to see our team grow, in fact we have 14 marriages/partnerships formed by Peach team members as well as 22 children and young adults.

We Are Making Life Peachy here, come and join us, or recommend us to someone you know.