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Berry at the Bee’b vs Hollywood by name, Hollywood by nature

So the Bake Off drama continues. For a moment yesterday we thought Channel 4 were going to end up with only a tent, after their big deal with Love Productions last week.

Understandably, Mary is staying loyal to the BBC and is leaving the show, however, Paul is following the tent (and the ‘dough’) over to Channel 4.

Paul Hollywood and a tent…£75million well spent?

We think Mary had a good point in her leaving statement – many fans of the show don’t seem ready for the change. We are still questioning whether Channel 4 is really an appropriate place for the show. Surely it will be a completely different concept, even with Paul? The channel seem positive though – as does Paul who felt he couldn’t turn his back on the show (or the dough?).

Whatever Channel 4 come up with, rumour has it that the BBC are in talks with Mel, Sue and Mary about a creating a new show to rival Channel 4’s take on the show. Maybe it isn’t ‘farewell to soggy bottoms?’ Let’s just hope we don’t have a repeat of the Top Gear scenario… watch this space…

In the meantime here is a video summing up what the new Channel 4 show could look like…