#Balanceforbetter - Peach Pubs


Create a better balance and together we can better the world.

That’s the campaign theme for this year’s International Women’s Day. At Peach, we celebrate our incredible female team every day and strive for balance. We’re proud to have so many female General Managers, and women in our kitchens too.

So, to celebrate 8th March, we asked to hear from our guests, whether there was an extraordinary woman in their lives that we should be celebrating. We got some truly wonderful stories through and here is a snapshot.


Nattylyn is an incredible guest from The Embankment in Bedford, who at 39 is a lone parent who has dedicated her life’s work to better the balance and inspiring other women in Leeds by voluntarily running a Women’s healing circle. With the help of her ‘prince’, her 14 year old son, she has overcome adversity in her life and is due to give birth to her second son any day now. We can’t wait to hear from Nattylyn following the birth of her son and celebrate her girl power.

Elizabeth, one of our guests from The Black Horse, nominated her best friend Georgina, a friend of 40 years who finds the time to help anyone, no matter how busy her own life may be. A trained registrar, Elizabeth says Georgie, has a knack of putting people at ease, a trait Elizabeth herself most appreciated following the passing of her Mother. Unfortunately, Elizabeth has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and since then Georgie has been even more of a rock to Elizabeth in her time of need. This ‘lovely lady’ as dubbed by Elizabeth, most definitely deserved a mention as an extraordinary woman.

Another incredible woman we want to celebrate was nominated by Melodie, a guest from Boulters called Tabitha, who leads multiple community projects in Maidenhead, bringing everyone together, encouraging them to think outside of their comfort zones and always thinking of others. Tabitha is definitely Making Lives Peachy.

Katie, a guest from The Star & Garter, wants to shout from the rooftops how proud she is of her daughter Emily. Who alongside completing her Master’s degree, has also worked tirelessly taking care of two horses, easing the load on her Mother. Well done Emily, a great example of women supporting other women, just what we are all about.

Charlie’s wife, Amanda is not only a busy working mum and a shoulder to cry on but also the leading lady of Thame Ladies Network. Despite living with an underactive thyroid condition, she juggles all of this and has raised hundreds of pounds for local cancer charities, as well as undergoing treatment herself for cervical cancer. That’s one remarkable lady to celebrate!

Sophie, as nominated by her mother Karen, is part of the Peach family, working at The Fishes in Oxford in 2008 whilst studying for her A levels. Eleven years on, she has not only launched her own marketing and design consultancy company, but she has created a balanced life; skiing, hiking and meditating, to mention a few. It’s great to hear that Sophie has gone onto great things and we are proud to celebrate her!

Katy wants to thank her incredible friend, Jo this International Women’s Day, Jo stepped up when not many did following the sudden death of her father. Childcare, a shoulder to cry on, cooking, there was no feat too small for Jo.

Rachael, would like to celebrate all of the women in her life. After a turbulent 18 months, Rachael would not be the strong woman she is today without the support of her girlfriends around her. Ladies, you truly have been her rocks and she wants to say thank you for constantly reminding her she is worth it. Ladies lifting up their friends is what we are all about.


We would like to thank those that have shared their stories with us. We’re sure there’s plenty of other women who Make Lives Peachy every day so this 8th March let’s raise a glass and celebrate the women in our lives.

Let’s celebrate girl power.