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Asparagus is on its way…

Every year, our chefs search for the freshest, most seasonal produce to bring to your plate, and with Asparagus being one of our favourite spring ingredients, we wanted to ensure we sourced the very best we could find. Our founder, Hamish, was determined to be one of the first to have this years English Asparagus, and like us, Cobrey Farm do things properly and don’t take shortcuts. Cobrey Farms is owned and run by the Chinn family in south Herefordshire, where they also grow our Wye Valley branded fine beans, blueberries and rhubarb, as well as potatoes and combinable crops.

You may already know that the start of the Asparagus season can never be predicted – it begins when it is good and ready! So the fact that we buy straight from the farm means we can’t guarantee when we’ll have this good stuff on the tables. We just know it’s getting close. Growing British asparagus is a labour of love, each spear is harvested by hand when it reaches just the right height. We guess you could say it is the original lettuce drama. Watch this space, we’re sure it wont be long.

If you can’t quite understand our excitement when it comes to green veg, here are some facts to sway you:

1.    British asparagus is delicious even when served simply (Boiled, Steamed, Grilled, Roasted and BBQ’d)

2.    Growing British asparagus is a labour of love. Each spear is harvested by hand when it reaches just the right height.

3.    British asparagus is packed full of goodness, so not only are you getting a delicious vegetable, but a healthy one too:

  • Eating asparagus promotes healthy bacteria in the large intestine and can help reduce bloating
  • Asparagus contains vitamin K, essential for healthy blood clotting
  • It is a rich source of vitamin C, which boosts your immune system
  • Asparagus is a mild diuretic and is believed to help detoxify the body

Have we convinced you? Good!

We’ll continue to keep you posted on when it will be on our tables…