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Americano & Filter – Style over Substance?

Coffee is a fashion victim. Time was, you wanted a cup of coffee in a restaurant or good food pub, you ordered a coffee. It came, fresh from the filter if you were lucky (stewed on a diabolical hot-plate if you weren’t). You added milk and sugar to taste and drank it.

Then came the rise of the coffee shops. Suddenly every coffee had a name – the Cappuccino, the Latte, the Mocha, the Macchiato, the Americano – even if only one person in ten was sure of the precise differences between them all.


Suddenly no one orders “a coffee”. And even if what you want is a good regular coffee you can add milk and sugar to, you still don’t order regular filter coffee. It seems too dull, too old-fashioned. The choice of the hick, the rube, the country mouse. So you order an Americano – with milk on the side.




black_coffee_cup_nice-1680x1050And an Americano is fine if what you want is a rapidly extracted double espresso diluted with hot water. But if what you want is a properly brewed filter coffee, go ahead and order it. It’ll probably be a few pennies cheaper, come in a slightly larger cup (you cant dilute an espresso very far without ruining it) and be the drink you wanted all along.

Our filter brew coffee is a high quality single origin coffee from the mountains of Rwanda – fruity, caramelish, delish. Sourced by our coffee roasters Union, who have exceptionally high quality control and ethical standards, and were the first Westerners to buy coffee in Rwanda after the genocide.

Give our regular coffee another try. There’s nothing boring about it.