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Why Free-Range Really Means Free-Range at Peach

The term ‘free-range chicken’ might conjure up images of a rustic idyll, but the reality may not always be so appealing.

Regulations dictate that in order to call a chicken free range, there must be no more than 2,500 birds per hectare. But recent media coverage has called into question the extent to which some free range birds are encouraged to roam.

According to our butchers, Aubrey Allen, quality can vary significantly. Sales Manager Simon Smith says “I see a lot of people that have actually got free range chicken on their menu, and I look at them like, ‘there’s no way that’s free range’”.

The clue, he says is in the legs. Holding up one of his Robert Caldecott Cotswold White birds, he says “Look at the size of that leg, that drumstick bone…that’s run round in a field.

“This is a beautiful chicken…” Simon adds. “This is what Peach stand for – it’s really great”.

Their Worcestershire supplier grows his chickens for twice as long as the average supermarket supplier. This, as well as plenty of roaming space, makes for tasty meat.

In fact, Aubrey Allen promise their chickens will provide “the best roast chicken dinner you’ve ever had”. But don’t take them at their word, come and try it in one of our pubs. See you Sunday then?