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Drink up

All our roles are pretty varied in Peach, including mine! From designing posters for pub club events, to writing email campaigns, reviewing pub promotions, overseeing menu design to choosing gins to go on the next drinks list. There’s always something to get stuck into! We change our drinks list twice a year, which gives us … Continued

A beautifully small family-run distillery

We’re very strong on our ethos and even though it might cost us more, to always serve the good stuff is  a value we always stay true to. Karl and Lindsay Bond started distilling in their garage in 2014, as with Lindsay being coeliac, home brewing beer just wasn’t possible. Supermarket own vodka mixed with … Continued

Drink up this Summer

Our drinks list is developed by a team of real enthusiasts, and changes twice a year. Our team of drinkies (like foodies, but source great quality drinks instead!), not only look at trends in the market, but also at data around what our guests are drinking, to develop a list that’s exciting and meets demand. … Continued

The sugar tax, and our choice of softs

We believe in serving the good stuff every day, from our Aubrey Allen steaks with the Royal Warrant stamp of approval, to our award-winning line up of wine and spirits on the bar. If you’re driving, expecting or just not a drinker, we have a great range of softs for you to. To help tackle … Continued

A new way to drink whisky

For many, the thought of adding anything other than a couple of drops of water to single malt is sacrilege. Luckily, the new generation of scotch lovers understand that not only can whisky be enjoyed straight, but some single malts work wonderfully when mixed. One serve that has caught the imagination of bartenders, because of … Continued

Why Hudson Baby Bourbon is our favourite…

December 1933: New York rejoices at the end of prohibition and in 2005 Tuthilltown Spirits brings the tradition of small batch spirits back to the Hudson Valley. Hudson Baby Bourbon is the first legal pot-still whiskey produced since prohibition, and today they distill whiskey using grain harvested from farmers less than ten miles away. Proud to … Continued

There’s more to Summer cocktails, than just gin!

When we first explored the world of bourbon for our Autumn drinks list, we thought of it as a cosy sipping liquor. But this Summer, we’ve been enjoying it in all manner of long drinks – and they’ve been so good, we just had to share. Bourbon started out as a way for arable farmers … Continued

Gin’ll fix it..

Our new Drinks List launched last month, adding new cocktails, an English sparkling wine and two new gins. We’ve been a fan of gin for some time, and have seen a huge growth in the last 12 months. So our gin collection has been growing to match and we now serve a range of twelve … Continued

Are you ready to be hooked?

Hooky from Hook Norton Brewery is our new cask ale. This multi-award winning bitter is golden, hoppy and malty – a classic clear, bright and quaffable beer. Only last year, it took Gold in the International Brewing Awards.  Hook Norton’s ales are made with traditional quality ingredients and, like us, source locally where possible. Most … Continued