10 questions with Lee Cash

A restaurateur to his bones, trained and mentored by Robin Sheppard and Raymond Blanc, Lee Cash, one of our founders, started Peach at the age of 27. With a clear vision of serving quality food and drink at a sensible price, all in a fun and friendly atmosphere, he certainly is Peach personified, so we wanted to get to know him a little better!

  1. What was your first job in the industry? Woosters in Kingsbridge, Devon. It was sort of a gastropub before that term was coined. Ran by a character called Paul – I was 13 and in need of a male mentor, and he was it! I washed pots, scrubbed the veg, and loved it. And I was allowed to have a beer at the bar with the team at end of service. Thought it was the greatest place in the world!
  2. Why did you get into the hospitality industry?  Because of the above! No way I even thought of anything else after working there. Wow – that’s 30 years ago now, and it’s been a great ride.
  3. What’s the most surprising thing you have learned from Peach? How sometimes people you think you know really well can behave in the strangest ways! I’ve seen enough to think I won’t be surprised by anything – but still am sometimes…
  4. Which of the pubs is your favourite and why? I can’t answer that! The Rose will always hold a special place for me as I lived upstairs for the first year, and had many great times building up our first pub. I’m proud of our pubs, when I go to them, I often think, this really IS the best place in town.
  5. What inspires you? People seem to be doing so many amazing things today, and because we see it all through the media, it blows my mind to see such creativity and energy.
  6. Describe yourself in 3 words: fun, family, fidgety
  7. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Calm down!
  8. Name four people you would invite to a dinner party?  Nick Jones, Paul Watson, Jo Whiley, David Attenborough
  9. What is the most exciting thing about your job? When it goes well! Sometimes we just seem to have it more right than others. Getting the product and the people right all at the same moment and seeing it really singing.
  10. And finally, one random fact about you! Can sit in full lotus! Bring on the yoga!