Our Buzzy ❤️

This year our lovely Nicolette lost one of the best humans on the planet – her beautiful friend Buzzy. Here is her story;

Buzzy and I met working at Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and together with a growing crew of like-minded (silly) individuals we became great friends. As a group we became closer, we trained and completed the Rob Roy Challenge, travelled to sunny places, took early morning dips in cold seas, laughed, cried, drank and ate a lot of cake – this amazing group of people became my extended family. For Buzzy her goal was nearly always to raise funds for her many travels. A keen scuba diver, cyclist, expert gardener and renegade knitter she brought fun, sunshine and a large dollop of sass wherever she went.
In May 2016 five of us met on the idyllic island of Spetses, Greece. We stayed in the most beautiful villa with our plunge pool, close to the sea and a horse and cart ride from our favourite bars. Buzz and I rented bikes and explored a little further a field and befriended the house tortoise. But also in this beautiful place Buzz shared with us that she’d found a lump on her breast and asked our advice, it was a resounding ‘get to the docs when you’re home’. 

She did and things moved quickly, her first round of chemo and radiotherapy went well, but good news was soon followed with bad and as great as she was at keeping upbeat when telling us about the many and regular treatments, hospital visits and drugs, we all knew time was precious. So the adventures continued with gusto, she went on that Safari, toured all over catching up with her many friends and made many trips to the Dazzle Ship in Leith.

At this point I have to mention The Maggie’s Centre, Edinburgh – a charity supporting those affected by cancer and one which I had the pleasure of working with when at Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. Their ethos is built around their founder Maggie’s belief that individuals shouldn’t lose the joy of living in the fear of dying, I know Buzz received great help and comfort here.

Sadly the last time I hugged my Buzzy was in October 2018. I think we both knew it was the worst kind of goodbye.

In March 2019 my dear friend Julie had to make the worst call possible and tell me Buzz had passed, she was just 43. To say we were all broken hearted is an understatement. I was so far away from the people I needed to be with, speaking to Chris and Hamish they told to go and do what I needed to do and I’m so grateful for that. I flew to Edinburgh and spent a couple of precious days with friends before the drive north to Forres for her funeral. Family and friends had travelled from all over the world. I’m not sure how he did it but her cousin Justin pitched the eulogy perfectly, referring to her sassy side as ‘The Duchess’ which immediately made us all smile. Despite the sadness of the day she still managed to bring sunshine into all our hearts as we shared stories and fondly remembered our friend and we all made a promise to ‘Be More Buzzy!’.

Buzzy was a force of nature –  healthy, happy, kind, sassy, beautiful in and out but Cancer didn’t give a toss about any of this! Very few of us will not be affected by Cancer in one of its many forms, it’s hard to escape the heartbreak and worry it brings but it’s also really important to talk about it, know what to look out for and who to talk to if you’re worried. I will be doing my bit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – talking with friends about checking yourself regularly and not being afraid to act quickly, but most of all I will Be More Buzzy!

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a few of our female GM’s are hosting events to raise funds to help life-saving research. Check out The Star & Garter, The Richard Onslow and The Almanack to see what they’re up to. Find out more about this great cause here, and remember to look out for any Signs and Symptoms –  found them here.