Meet Nicolette AKA Miss Happiness

People make all the difference in our pubs and we work hard to make our team feel just as much at home as our guests.

Nicolette, is our very own professional trainer, here is the Peachy journey of Miss Happiness, so far…

On the 9th January 2012 I walked through the doors of Peach Barns to start as PA to Hamish Stoddart and developing internal projects. I always had a goal to get back into my first love training, that role didn’t exist full-time in Peach however Hamish promised he’d help me achieve my goals if I supported him for 18 months.

One of my first jobs was to get out and talk to the team –  find out what they loved, what could be better and what would help them. One thing was repeated in those conversations… Peach was nearly 10, growing pains had set in, there was nearly a decade of great ideas, policies and development with multiple versions of everything and one central filing system, bulging at the seams, impossible to navigate. Because of this the team had stopped using it and were saving their own, increasingly out of date versions on various desktops across the pubs. This became project one and would eventually lead to I-Peach Support and our Help Centre.

My second was to help bottle the magic of Hamish and Lee so their message could be delivered and understood easily even when they weren’t in the pubs. Hamish and I worked and re-worked the Values till they were absolutely perfect. Our Values are not just words, these are the rules which we hold each other to account with and help us Make Life Peachy for all. I’m very proud to have been involved in these.

By the end of 2014, although still supporting Hamish, I was working 80% on training. The first version of Peach Teach, our online training portal had been introduced (don’t talk about the avatars!) we made mistakes but we learnt a lot along the way. We produced a more robust training programme led by Peach Leaders Days, Inspiration Days, Supplier Trips and Masters events – all supported by Peach Teach. However, one of my favourite projects every year has to be Peachfest – getting the whole team together for a massive party in a Big Top in the Oxfordshire countryside is the best. This event just keeps getting bigger and better and the excitement from the teams on the run up to it is almost as exciting as the evening itself!

2015 saw my focus become exclusively People and Training based, working alongside Operations Director, Chris Stagg. My role changed briefly to Training manager but it didn’t take into account the very varied nature of the role and involvement with our teams so it changed again to Talent Manager. I briefly dabbled with recruitment, thank goodness Nat came back to UK, this was too much and not my strong point, she has that programme properly sussed! And then Matt joined the Central Team from the pubs, providing support and training on all things boozy – suddenly we had a Talent Team and an opportunity to make a real difference.

At every Heroes event or PLD we’d talk about the Route to Partnership, open to everyone if you worked hard and really wanted it… unless you were part of the Central Team. I wanted to challenge this, why shouldn’t the hard work of those that support the pubs be rewarded in the same way as our GMs and HCs, we should all have the opportunity to be part of something bigger. I put my hat in the ring in 2016 and it took some convincing but by October 2017 I was offered Partnership – a really proud moment, not just personally but also opening the door to others from within Central Support.

I’m not sure when it happened – at some point Hamish started calling me Miss Happiness and it stuck – this has to be my favourite title, it’s not that I’m running around the pubs smiling at people like a loon, more that they bring happiness into my life and that in turn makes me want to do more for our teams: to listen, train and support each of them to realise their goals and dreams, help inspire them to be the best they can be so we can all Make Life Peachy.

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